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Austin's Code Next Presentations- MAP coming April 18 Print
Monday, 03 April 2017 09:44

City of Austin Code Next -- how will it affect our neighborhood community?  This is not just for Neighbors in the City of Austin - it is important information for all of us to learn about how the city plans to grow our area.

CODE NEXT presentation were held around the City to present the new Zoning & Development Code, offering neighbors an opportunity to learn about Austin's new Zoning and Land Development Code.  This part of the process is completed -- and the next phase will be the roll-out of the Growth Concept Map to design the city's plan for "Compact and Connected".

Based on results of the Imagine Austin initiative, the City of Austin has drafted a new Code Next for zoning and land development.  This city plan will designate how Austin develops and expands, including new Regional Centers, (such as Lakeline Mall area, the Domain, the Arboretum) and the roadways connecting the Regional Centers referred to as Corridors (Parmer Lane and Hwy. 183).

The new code addresses five challenges:  Community - Environment - Housing - Mobility - Permitting.  The upcoming Code Next presentations will focus on one of these themes.  Visit the Code Next website, scroll down to Want to learn more about the new code? and click on the link for What kind of city do we want Austin to be? to download the pdf.

The draft Map will be presented on April 18th, with regional meetings held around the city in an Open House forum.  Residents will be able to see the new zoning categories:  each property in the City of Austin will be re-zoned, including the residential properties.  Property owners will be sent a letter with the new zoning classification.

The Open House: Mapping meeting for District 6 will be Monday, April 24th -- 6:30 to 9:00 pm -- Spicewood Springs Library.

To read more about the Code Next project, the Categories the city is using to define areas and development, and the online survey, visit their website https://www.austintexas.gov/codenext