A Note from JVFD about House Numbers

A Note from Jollyville Fire Department about House Numbers in our Neighborhoods

As the trucks drive around the neighborhoods, the firefighters have noticed that many of the home address numbers are hard to find or non-existent. This is usually due to the numbers fading with age, painters painting over them or plant life growing and blocking them. This isn’t a good thing. We are really good at finding streets in the neighborhood but identifying individual homes requires visible address numbers. When seconds count, the last thing you want to see is emergency vehicles passing your home because they can’t see your address!

This should be an easy fix for all. If the numbers are faded or painted over, replace them. If the plants are blocking them, it’s time for a trim. If they are missing completely, it was time for new ones anyway. Now, for where to put them. The best thing to do is follow what was originally done in the neighborhood. If all the numbers on the homes are in the same general place, it will be much easier for first responders to locate them during an emergency. On the front wall, over the garage or on the mail box, it doesn’t matter, as long as we can see them, day or night.

With your help, we can shave precious seconds off response times, in your neighborhoods, during emergency incidents.

(And Neighbor to Neighbor:  Reflective Numbers are also much easier to read at night, and in the daytime too when numbers are posted on a dark background or mailbox post).