Forest North Drainage Project – July Update

DeNucci Constructors, LLC continues work in the Briar Hollow, Braeburn and Wisterwood zones. In the Wisterwood and Briar Hollow Zones there is continued waterline relocation work, which will continue over the next two weeks. In the Wisterwood Zone, storm pipe installation continues.  In the Briar Hollow Zone, clearing has begun behind Briar Hollow.  Over the next two weeks the Wisterwood Zone will complete a storm pipe installation on Braeburn Glen Street, Stillforst Zone will complete driveway replacements, Sherbrooke Zone will complete trench repairs, and the Braeburn Glen Zone will complete trench repairs.

There will be intermittent lane/road closures on Moorberry, Woodthorpe and Broadmeade in the Braeburn Zone and intermittent lane/road closures on Braeburn Glen Street and Briar Hollow Drive in the Briar Hollow Zone. There will be intermittent lane/road closures on Kensington Street, Broadmeade Avenie and Brawburn Glen Street Street in the Wisterwood Zone.

Members of the construction team have made or will make door-to-door visits prior to actual construction in each zone. Vehicles parked on the street may need to be relocated while work occurs. Please continue to visit the project website for updates.

Wisterwood zone Residents:

Residents in the construction area have received notifications about the project and a door hanger regarding homeowner items in the right-of-way.  If you wish to preserve these items (custom mailboxes, landscaping, planters, trees, irrigation systems, etc.), it is suggested you begin removing them now from the right-of-way. If homeowner items are not removed by the time construction begins, then the contractor will consider these items left for refuse.

Mailboxes: Mailboxes in the path of drainage work will be removed and replaced with standard units. We are in close communication with the post office to ensure there is no disruption of mail service.

Driveways: The regrading of channels and replacement of driveway culverts will require the reconstruction of some driveways. Driveways will be accessible by the end of each workday. Full driveway repairs will be made upon completion of the entirety of the work at each property. Notice will be provided to homeowners and residents at least 48 hours prior to any driveway access interruptions.

Irrigation Systems: Irrigation systems in the path of drainage work will be removed, capped at the right-of-way line and will not be replaced.

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If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact our Public Involvement Team by calling (512) 943-1195 or emailing .  All project materials and updates, including any lane or road closures, will be posted on the Forest North Drainage Improvement Project page of the Road Bond website. We encourage you to sign up for news and updates under the “Subscriptions” tab.

All work mentioned above is contingent upon weather conditions.

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