Drainage Project – August 2017 Update

DeNucci Constructors, LLC completed storm pipe installation and began concrete driveway construction in the Wisterwood Zone.  They completed concrete driveway construction and completed final ditch grading for permanent seeding in the Stillforest Zone.  In the Briar Hollow Zone, they began storm pipe installation.  Asphalt trench repairs began in Braeburn Glen Zone.  DeNucci Constructors, LLC will continue concrete driveway and sidewalk construction in Wisterwood Zone, and will complete permanent seeding and installation of erosion control blankets in the Stillforest Zone.  They will complete trench repairs in the Braeburn Glen Zone, and continue storm pipe installation in the Briar Hollow Zone.  They will also begin asphalt trench repairs in Wisterwood Zone.

There will be intermittent lane/road closures on Moorberry, Woodthorpe and Broadmeade in the Braeburn Zone and intermittent lane/road closures on Braeburn Glen Street and Briar Hollow Drive in the Briar Hollow Zone. There will be intermittent lane/road closures on Kensington Street, Broadmeade Avenue and Braeburn Glen Street in the Wisterwood Zone.

Full report may be found at http://roadbond.wilco.org/tabid/4043/default.aspx