Jollyville Fire Dept. – Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Save Lives!

Everyone has heard this slogan but the second part of this sentence is even more important: “Smoke detectors must be installed and working properly to do their job!”

Every time we do inspections or make calls in personal residences, we find a large number of smoke detectors that have been removed or have had the batteries pulled from them. When asked why, the excuses range from “it beeped for no reason” or “it went off when I was cooking.” Yup, that would become annoying but, instead of just randomly disabling this life saving device, why not call the people, who deal with them every day, for help…the fire department!

If you ever have an issue with an existing smoke detector, need assistance replacing a battery or need help installing a pre-purchased smoke detector, Jollyville Fire is here to help.

Give us a call at 512-258-1038 or email us at and we will set up a day and time to come assist you with the situation.

Smoke detectors are an amazing, life saving device…let us help you make sure they will work when they are needed.

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