Holiday Season Safety Tips

The Holiday Season! This means food, fun, gifts and people like my brother lighting up the county with their outdoor lighting display. But first, we’d like to give a few quick reminders on ways to keep your Holidays safe.

First, candles and decorations don’t mix. Be VERY careful when you use real fire as a decoration, especially near any type of flammable materials (like holiday decorations).

Second, holiday decorative lights. These do make the yard and the Christmas tree very pretty, but make sure they are used safely. The light strings with large bulbs do produce a lot of heat so keep them away from flammable materials. Remember that all types of light strings have electrical limitations that you should not exceed or you could cause an electrical short or a fire (see the manufacturer’s recommendations on the package). Also remember that extension cords have load limitations so do not plug too many items into one cord. If the cord is warm to the touch, it is being over-loaded.

Last but not least, the Christmas tree! Keep your live tree happy by keeping it well watered. The minute it start to dry out, they become the most dangerous fire hazard in the house. Dry pine needles are like kindling and love to burn. A perfect recipe for disaster is: one dry Christmas tree, beautiful flammable decorations, add an overloaded extension cord or string of lights which equals a very bad holiday season.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Article from Jollyville Volunteer Fire Department (