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Welcome to NASWC

NASWC’s purpose is to promote the general welfare of the residents of Williamson County, Texas, who live within the area bounded by Highway 620 on the north, Parmer Lane on the east, Anderson Mill Road on the south, and Highway 183 on the west.

Who We Are

NASWC is the Neighborhood Association of Southwestern Williamson County, located just Northwest of Austin, Texas. You will hear neighbors pronounce our name “NAZ-wik.” Our Association membership is dedicated to promoting the general welfare of the residents and resources of the geographical area as well as protecting property values in the area bounded by 620 to the North, Anderson Mill Road to the South, Hwy 183 to the West and Parmer Lane to the East. This website and all of our work for the welfare of our community and the residents is done by community volunteers.

NASWC Profile

NASWC’s membership is composed of over 500 households in the encompassed neighborhoods. All Officers, Board Members, and Committee Members are volunteers dedicated to serving their neighbors and making the area a wonderful place to live where all members feel safe and have a strong sense of community.

Membership in NASWC offers several benefits, including discounted trash, recycling, and bulk trash pick-up services;  the Oak Post newsletter;  and active participation in zoning, new growth planning, health and safety, and growth issues which affect your property values and standard of living.

NASWC holds general meetings once every calendar quarter. Meeting notices are distributed by postcards mailed to each member prior to the meetings, posted on the NASWC sign at Broadmeade and Anderson Mill Road, and signs are placed around the neighborhood a few days prior to meetings.

What NASWC Does For You

  • Work with developers and the City of Austin on area zoning issues
  • Award two scholarships to worthy, graduating seniors annually
  • Host the National Night out in August for the entire community
  • Address Restrictive Covenant violations within our community
  • Deal with issues which pertain to the Williamson County Commissioner of Precinct 1
  • Share information that is pertinent to life in our community through emails and newsletter
  • We helped form and lead the group which successfully ended the plan to toll 183 when roadway was expanded
  • NASWC also successfully fought and ended the plan that would have bused our middle school students away from Deerpark Middle School, our community middle school.

NASWC Bylaws

Our association bylaws were approved by the general membership on June 12, 2014. Click here to download the bylaws (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you form Committees? – A Nominating Committee is a Special Committee whose task must be completed in some manner and they can not rely on only two people to do the task of putting together a slate of recommendations. (Which can happen when a committee is reduced to three members and one does not show up or is late. Not a good idea.) While it is entirely possible that an office will remain empty simply because there is nobody qualified for the job in the eyes of the Committee, they should make every effort to not allow that to happen. Our community of members is full of talent and amazing people. So we all should be digging for candidates, volunteering, and basically stepping forward to contribute. But when a vacancy occurs, the office is opened to the floor for nominations. The Committee’s report, however, will show a vacancy when presented.
  • Why 3 to 5 members? – The main reason is because if someone has to drop out, then there will be enough to continue the work. A committee of three is plausible.
  • Who appoints the chairperson? – The committee
  • Can anyone serve? – Yes and No. Every member is welcome to serve! But candidates for office, per our NASWC Bylaws can not be members of a committee. The President is an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating and Audit Committee
  • Where can I view the bylaws? – Click here to download the bylaws (PDF).
  • I am not a member yet. How do I join? – Please go to the membership application page.
  • How do I join the board? – We welcome all new comers! Meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Thursday at 7pm. Please contact any board member found on the Contact Us page.

Contact Us

NASWC Questions

Who are the officers of NASWC? How do I contact them?

Please go to the Contact Us page for all contact information for the board and committees.

How may I join?

Please go to the membership application.

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident within our geographical boundaries in order to join NASWC. If you have questions about the membership fee or if you need information about the discounted trash rate available, please contact the treasurer (see Contact Us page).

Can I get the discounted trash pickup?

  1. Join NASWC if you are not already a member.
  2. The discounted trash service for NASWC members is provided by Round Rock Refuse (RRR). You can contact the treasurer (see Contact Us page). There is also a place on the membership form to indicate that you want to sign up for RRR service.
  3. After we notify you by phone or e-mail that the garbage company has been advised of your membership, YOU must call RRR at 512-255-4980 to establish your service with their company.

Please Note: If you establish service with RRR before your NASWC membership is confirmed, you will have to wait until the next quarterly billing for RRR to give you the discounted rate. So wait until you hear from NASWC, confirming your membership before you call RRR!

I live in a MUD within the NASWC community. May I still join?

Yes, NASWC is for all residents in our area.

For only $25 per year, NASWC gives you a voice where you may not have one. For example, in order for a Municipal Utility District to exist, it must agree to not protest annexation proceedings. Thus, residents in that MUD who oppose annexation have no representation fighting for them.

NASWC, however, believes homeowners opinions must be represented at county and city levels. Thus, like our work on Zoning issues, law enforcement issues, or our work with the County, the neighbors in NASWC are prepared to deal with difficult questions which directly affect taxes, property values, or health and safety – like annexation.

I have an idea! May I work through NASWC?

More than likely, yes! We believe that if people see the need, then we need to see the people working on it!

What is required to become an officer?

You must be a member in good standing. Membership requires that you are at least 18 years of age, live in the NASWC Community, and your dues are paid in full.

Do we have a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator?

Yes! Please find the contact information on our Contact Us page.

I saw a broken street sign, pot hole, drainage issue. What can I do?

Contact the NASWC County Liaison (find on the Contact Us page). The liaison checks on problems first hand, determines which jurisdiction it is in, and contacts the appropriate department about it.