Responsibilities of the NASWC board and how to contact us:

Contact Us

Postal Address
P.O. Box 170297
Austin, TX 78717

2016-2018 Officers

President Bryan Finley
Vice President (vacant)
Secretary Susan Lewis
Treasurer Linda Finley
Information Officer (vacant)
Web Support Scott Hicks

Committee Chairs

Neighborhood Watch – National Night Out Mack Sherrod
Zoning Cathy Mandell
Restrictive Covenants Committee Any NASWC Officer see above
County Liaison Bryan Finley
Scholarship Committee Linda Finley


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Duties of Officers

From our NASWC Bylaws, anyone desiring to serve as an Officer of the Association must agree to fulfill the following duties:


  • The President shall be the presiding officer of the Association and the Executive Committee, shall conduct all general membership and Executive Committee meetings, and shall be ex-officio a member of all other committees, except the Nominating and Audit Committees.
  • The Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President and shall assist the President in the performance of his or her duties.
  • Secretary shall keep and maintain an accurate and current record of all Association business including, but not limited to, the taking and publication of official meeting minutes. The Secretary shall publish meeting notices and coordinate their distribution to all Association members.
  • The Treasurer shall keep and maintain an accurate and current record of all Association financial records, including information and true facts about account balances, receipts, expenditures, and budget performance.
  • The Information Officer shall oversee all publications of the Association, including but not limited to, The Oak Post newsletter, signage of the Association, and e-mail notices.
  • The Webmaster shall design and maintain the Association web page,
  • Only officers, special appointees or a member of the Association specifically appointed by the officers, may speak on behalf of the Association to individuals, government officials, organizations or members of the press.
  • No member, Board Member, or Officer of the Association may enter into a contract or agreement on behalf of the Association without the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
  • In addition, some officers have identified duties which they perform in order to continue the flow of business in our Association but which are not mentioned in the Bylaws.


  • Convene and lead regular meetings throughout the year to conduct NASWC business to include Officer’s Meetings, Executive Board Meetings & General Meetings.
  • Provide leadership and vision so that goals can be achieved and required duties under NASWC Bylaws and Standing Rules are completed.
  • Address neighborhood concerns, challenges, & opportunities in a timely, professional, and helpful manner.
  • Encourage growth of membership, increased attendance at meetings, broader participation in the overall conduct & operation of NASWC business.
  • Help the organization recognize areas where changes are needed and implement them.

Vice President

  • coordinates meeting announcement sign placements before every General Membership Meeting


  • writes, prints, and mails meeting announcements
  • takes the minutes at meetings


  • collects the mail
  • maintains the safe deposit box and the checking account signature list

Info Officer

  • coordinates writers whose material appears in eblasts and subsequently in The Oak Post
  • maintains the look of all logos and the style of the Association’s communications
  • through positive communication skills, must answer all questions from members or find the person who can. They can not ignore a contact.


  • works with the Info Officer to maintain the Association’s webpage at