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Christmas Tree Safety – JVFD

Dispose of your tree immediately after the holiday! Thirty seconds is all it takes for a dry Christmas tree to be consumed by fire. Each year, Christmas [...]

Candles are Beautiful, But Dangerous!

In the last decade, candles have made a real comeback as aesthetically pleasing decorations, subdued mood lighting and as air fresheners for all rooms of the [...]

Holiday Season Safety Tips

The Holiday Season! This means food, fun, gifts and people like my brother lighting up the county with their outdoor lighting display. But first, we’d like [...]

Jollyville Fire Dept. – Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Save Lives! Everyone has heard this slogan but the second part of this sentence is even more important: “Smoke detectors must be installed [...]

Concerned about Illegal Dumping?

Each WilCo precinct has an Environmental Officer for addressing Illegal dumping and other environmental issues. Report illegal dumping to the Williamson [...]

A Note from JVFD about House Numbers

A Note from Jollyville Fire Department about House Numbers in our Neighborhoods As the trucks drive around the neighborhoods, the firefighters have noticed [...]

Fireworks & Safety

For many neighbors, Fireworks are a part of the holiday celebration.  Most of our NASWC community is outside the city limits of Austin, and under Williamson [...]

Crime Prevention in our Neighborhoods

Please be alert and watchful - report any suspicious activity to Williamson County Sheriff's Department at 9-1-1 or 512-864-8282. Neighbors are reminded to be [...]